Who we are

Atlantis Serviços Subaquáticos:

Director: Cau R. Pissurno

Technical reports: Nycolas Magnani

Quality policy
To attend client´s needs with quality and continuous improvements of our work systems for the services of inspections, maintenance and underwater repairs in any maritime unit.


After twenty years experience among the ships husbandry and oil rigs industry in Brazil, Cau Pissurno with his own personal experience as commercial diver, supervisor, superintendent and project manager, became a reliable solution for the ship owners and agents with vessels operating in this country.

Looking for the excellence of ships and rigs attendance for underwater services, he jointed the best professionals with whom he have worked with along these years and established a real effective work force.

In September 05th, 2003 it was created the ATLANTIS SERVIÇOS SUBAQUÁTICOS LTDA – ATLANTIS DIVE WORKS, with the mission of being the first diving company in Brazil in terms of technical acknowledgement, quick response, safety and fare prices.

Headed in Rio de Janeiro, ATLANTIS owns a complete logistic structure, with supporting bases in the northeast and in the southern ports. Modern equipments and a very well trained team make the attendance in places out of our base an easy task.

The acquisition of new technology and modern equipments has being our main investment. Such policy makes our objective of full customer satisfaction much more easy to be reached.